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You don’t always get better by paying more

Windshield ReplacementOne weekend I wanted to go to the Temecula valley to do a little bit of gambling at Pachanga Casino and as I was traveling the 15 freeway through Murrieta CA a rock came bouncing at me. It was like slow motion, I could see it tumbling in the air and everything.

Well you guessed it, hit me right in the middle of my windshield. It made a crack about the size of a dime.

At first instinct I thought well i’ll just call an auto glass shop when I stop in Temecula and get it repaired for about $60.00.

Not but 2 miles down the freeway the crack turned into a long crack “crap now I need to get it fixed right of way so I don’t get a ticket!”

So I get my phone out and start to google mobile auto glass repair, so when I get to Pachanga in Temecula the auto glass shop could come over and fix my cars windshield.

I called a few auto glass shops in the area and I have to say prices are from cheep to expensive you really need to check reviews on the places. They will help you save headaches and money.

I chose the auto glass shop that was priced in the middle that had great reviews and could not be happier about the service. Thanks CPR Auto Glass.

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